RFID Glass Tube Tag

RFID Glass Tube Tag

The glass tube tag is not affected by most chemical solvents temperature metallic environment etc. due to its integrated molded production. And its stable reading and performance in various harsh and complex environments. The glass tube tag can be widely embedded in various materials so its extraordinary performance in industrial IoT automation robotics industry tool and metal component recognition chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The glass tube tag is a glass RFID chip embedded transponder formed by fully automatic production technology thereby ensuring the consistency and reliability of its quality. In particular excellent performance and declining costs enable it to meet the demand for ever-increasing value and innovation.

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  • Small size, the glass tube tag has diverse dimension. its size is similar to rice grain, or even smaller.
  • Versatility,the glass tube tag can provide a variety of chip and size options in low-frequency and high-frequency.
  • High Q-value and sensitivity, the glass tube tag is integrated molded produced, and its embedded electronic chip is not interfered by the outside elements.
  • Heat resistance,the glass tube tag can withstand its temperature shift and exert stability.
  • Adaptability, the glass tube tag is not subject to the impact most of the chemical substances and the liquid can be read stably.
  • Anti-interference,the glass tube tag is not easy to interference in the harsh environment and work well on metal.

TECHNOLOGY HIGHLIGHTS for all Available Glass Tags:

  • Available anti-collision in LF and HF
  • Memory storage options: from 64 bit read-only to 2048 bit read-write
  • Standard lengths from 0.31 in (8 mm) to 0.86 in (22.5 mm); custom sizes available
  • Embeddable in a broad spectrum of potential enclosure materials
  • Unlimited resistance to water and chemical absorption
  • High stability over fluctuating temperatures
  • RFID Glass Tags: Unique 125KHz, 131KHz, 134.2KHz, 13.56MHz
  • Chip Type: Unique, EM4305, FDX-b BDE, HDX BDE, VIGO, I-Code SLIx
  • RFID Glass Tag Size: 12mm, 13mm, 9mm, 22mm, 22.5mm
  • ATEX

PIT Transponder Parameters  
Frequency 125KHz/134.2KHz/13.56MHz
Protocol ISO 11784/11785 ISO14443A/ISO15693
Shock IEC 68‐2‐29
Vibration IEC 68‐2‐6
Protection standard IP67
Microchip Type EM4100/EM4305/NTAG213/I CODEetc
Data Memory 64bit/512 bit/144 byte /1024byte
Dimension Ø 2.12 x 12 mm 
Optional Size Ø1.25*7mm Ø1.4*8mm Ø3*13mm Ø3*15mm Ø4*22mm Ø4*30mm
Weight 100MG+/-35MG
Operating Temperature -25°C - +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C - +90°C
Implanted Way Subcutaneous tissue implantation / injection
Life Span More than 20 years
Withstand Exposure To Alcohol 25% ammonium chloride petrochemical solvents hydrochloric acid water solvents sea water