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Why Use U Code 7 Tag for Textile laundry Solution?


RFID U Code 7 tag has set a new industry standard for performance, versatility and speed in the application of RFID supply chain. In active cooperation with key members of the industry, including Avery, Motorola solutions and zebra, U Code 7 tag provides consistent high performance in all markets around the world and strengthens the company's leadership in UHF chips.
U Code 7 tag establishes its best product credentials in three key areas:
Global versatility: U Code 7 tag enables RFID tags to operate in different regions and frequencies around the world. This means that manufacturers and retailers can use the same labels throughout the global supply chain, maintain consistent high performance and significantly reduce operating costs.
Higher sensitivity: U Code 7 tag has higher sensitivity, which allows users to design smaller tags, but has the same performance as the current geometry tag. This means that retailers and suppliers can tag smaller items with RFID, and can read the current geometric labels from a longer distance. Even in a harsh RFID environment, inventory management and inventory checking become easier and faster.
Extremely fast coding capability: U Code 7 tag provides extremely fast coding capability on the market, which can complete the programming of 100 single products in a few milliseconds. This performance level can significantly improve the reading amount of clothing, shoes, drugs and other items in the manufacturing, distribution center or store when coding, and carry out high-speed brand protection and tracking process.
Rick Bauer, vice president of global accurate inventory and loss prevention at Avery Dennison, said: "our new inlay products use U Code 7 tag, which combines dimensional flexibility and high performance to provide retailers with more choices in material media development.”Our early testing with retailers has been very good about U Code 7 tag. This new chip improves the performance of global RFID inlay with minimum performance loss in two main frequency bands. We believe that this kind of chip can provide high flexibility and diversity in both existing and future designs in terms of performance and application. Finally, higher read / write performance can develop smaller new design opportunities for a wider range of application categories and usage. We are very pleased with the new inlay portfolio with U Code 7 and are pleased to have the opportunity to work with NXP. "
"In our tests, U Code 7 tag has shown significant progress in all aspects, including read-write sensitivity and ultra-high write speed," said Vice President of Motorola solutions, product management data acquisition solutions. The high performance of U Code 7 tag is very suitable for today's applications that require small tags to replace larger tags, but their performance will not be affected. "
"Zebra is honored to fully support NXP's new U Code 7 for our chip based RFID printer / encoder platform with seamless serialization capabilities," said senior RFID product manager of zebra technologies. In addition to fully integrating MCS (multi-vendor chip based serialization) to support new chips, zebra's printer / encoder also supports NXP's parallel coding capabilities. NXP's technology-leading U Code 7, together with zebra's industry-leading RFID printing / coding solution, can bring UHF label coding efficiency, accuracy and throughput to a new level. "
"The modern supply chain spans all continents, and more importantly, RFID tags can provide reliable performance in every region and in different global frequency bands," said Vice President and general manager of NXP semiconductor RFID tag business line. The above situation is possible because of U Code 7 tag. This is because U Code 7 tag is a very good UHF tag in the market, with high sensitivity and high performance in a wide frequency range. In addition, U Code 7 tag has an extremely fast encoding speed, which increases significantly productivity and reduces production costs for our customers. "