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One Article to Clear Show You How RFID Glass Tag is made


RFIDHY through the standardization of automatic production line batch production, so that the RFID Glass Tags reading distance is stable, reliable performance, service life up to more than 20 years, sure impact resistance, corrosion resistance, very small; not only widely used in a large number of Industrial Automation, Industrial IOT,industrial scenes,but also in Animal tracking industry
To make RFID Glass Tags, we need to make glass tubes first.

Inside the glass tube, put the chip around the coil.
The epoxy material is injected into the glass tube through the needle tube machine.
The glass tube is then irradiated with ultraviolet light to make the epoxy material rapidly solidify.
The glass bottle mouth is burned with high temperature flame to make the bottle mouth melt and fix naturally.
One by one, the tags passed the card machine test
RFIDHY RFID Glass Tags is the best choice for your industrial production and animal management.