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OMG!These Tiny RFID Glass Tube Tags Are Everywhere!


RFID glass tube tags are widely used. What are their specific applications?
RFID glass tube tags is sealed with biological glass, with anti-sliding material on the surface. It is strictly disinfected after leaving the factory, which has strong anti-water, anti-electromagnetic, anti-pollution and anti-temperature change ability. Therefore, RFID glass tube tags are widely used in the goods that need to be hidden and installed. For example: car smart key; computer; communication plug socket; intelligent MP3 and other electronic products; intelligent dog; animal tag; trademark micro stickers, guns, helmets, wine bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetics, electric toothbrushes, molds, jewelry, chips, etc.; it can also be directly used in organisms. RFID glass tube tag can realize the tracking and tracing of goods information, high-tech digital anti-counterfeiting and other functions.
1. RFID glass tube tag is safe and harmless to organism, good chemical stability, small size, durable, and can be read and written in water.
1) Manage the whole growth process of pets, livestock and laboratory animals in an all-round way, and effectively reduce the outbreak of diseases and epidemics, such as cats, dogs, laboratory rats, pet minks, golden dragon fish, fish, horses, cattle, sheep, rabbits, etc.
2) It can be used in rhinoceros, sea turtles, lizards, snakes, tigers, leopards, elephants, birds and even bees.
3) For the human body, as an electronic ID card, people with mental illness and Alzheimer's disease are in special need.
Recently, RFID glass tube tag, which can measure the temperature remotely, has been widely used in biology.
2. as a part of the workpiece
RFID glass tube tag is the standard part of RFID tag, which can be used in the development of glass tube electronic components
1) put them into the foot ring of pigeons and birds;
2) put it into the wall for tour guide and patrol;
3) Put into the workpiece, it can be used as the production process for tracking and traceability management;
4) Injection molding into a key, can be used as an electronic key.
To sum up, RFID glass tube tag is widely used.
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