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How is the RFID laundry tag made?


The manufacturing process of RFID landing tag is related to the quality of products. Today, let's take a look at how RFID laundry tags are made.

Let's first understand what RFID laundry tag is. RFID landing tag has the durability of high-pressure sterilization. It is small, strong, chemical resistant, and washable and dry cleaning, and can be cleaned at high temperature. Sewing it on clothes can help to automatically identify and collect information, and is widely used in laundry management, uniform rental management, clothing warehousing management and other fields, reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency. It is suitable for hospitals, factories and other environments with strict requirements.
In order to maintain the quality consistency of washing label, his production requirements are very strict.
The first step is the production of chips and Antennas: RFIDHY transfers chip wind into cob through standardized technology. The size of RFID chip is about one hundredth of a sesame seed, and the packaged cob is only the size of a sesame. Therefore, all the precision packaging process is carried out in a dust-free and bacteria-free environment.
The second step is to weld the flexible antenna to the cob.
The third step is to fix the shape of the antenna. According to the performance of the chip and the card machine, our antenna is selected by thousands of different antenna shape tests. Then, the soft aluminum antenna is sewn on a piece of polyester woven mark with cob through micro sewing technology. In this way, the shape of the antenna is fixed.
In the fourth part, a waterproof heat sealing adhesive is put on this piece of cloth with cob and antenna, and then a layer of cloth of the same size is covered. The antenna and chip are encapsulated into the fabric by heat sealing
The fifth step is to cut the edge and cut the laminated label smoothly
The sixth step is to test and test the read-write performance of the chip, including read-write speed and read-write distance. In this process, the code can be customized according to customer requirements.
Part seven, bagging and packing. Generally, our tag is 100 pieces/ bag, 10 bags/ box
RFID laundry tag of RFID plays an important role in the identification and management of clothes. The UHF RFID technology is used to realize the efficient management of fast collection, sorting, automatic inventory and collection of clothes in the laundry industry, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the error rate. RFID linen management through the installation of RFID electronic tags, the use of RFID desk type, handheld, fixed reader and other automatic identification of each management process of intelligent management mode, so that clothing linen can better management. Through the waterproof RFID electronic tag, the unified recycling, logistics and acceptance can be completed accurately, which greatly improves the unified management efficiency.