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Are you using RFID textile tag?


With the development of economy and technology, the garment industry has been improving its understanding of information and intelligence. Garment production from the workshop piece count to packaging, then to the warehouse inventory, and then assigned to the store needs a lot of time and labor to complete.
RFID textile tag can be embedded in clothing, become a part of clothing, from production, storage, logistics distribution, channel distribution to retail, and finally in the hands of customers. RFID textile tag can be used not only for management, but also for anti-counterfeiting.
The research and development personnel of RFIDHY show that the introduction of RFID RFID textile tag makes the clothing management of users more transparent, improves the work efficiency of each department, and solves the management problem that cannot be realized by other technologies in the past.
In order to meet the various needs of the clothing industry, according to the needs of customers, personalized production of RFID textile tag, the product is simple and low-cost. It is suitable for the clothing industry with various types and sizes. It can directly reflect the product size, color, material and other information. At the same time, it can realize the application functions of anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, storage, inventory, distribution and transportation of clothing products through RFID textile tag. It is suitable for self-supporting clothing stores such as brand management and store systematic management.
The application of RFID textile tag mainly brings three major Gospel:
First of all, solve the tracking problem in the process of clothing circulation. Staff can lock the specific position and status of clothing, clothing production batch and model size, inventory at any time, accurately classify, save storage space;
Secondly, fast sorting is realized. After all the clothes attached with RFID textile tag arrive at the store, the staff can quickly sort the clothes according to the fabric category displayed by the system and accurately sort each garment.
Third, optimize the clothing supply chain management. The RFID textile tag is embedded in the clothing, which can prevent malicious disassembly, and print the washing mark information through the RFID printer. It can be applied to the clothing anti-counterfeiting, anti-fleeing, online low-cost sales channels and brand image management, goods tracking, personnel attendance, high-grade leather management and suitable for clothing products with interlayer, such as down jacket, suit, leather coat, jacket, etc. Military uniform, leather sofa, etc.
With the rapid development of science and technology, RFID technology is changing every corner of the world subversively. RFID intelligent solutions have brought unprecedented security and convenience to global users, allowing users to perceive in real time, everywhere. In addition to the newly launched washing cloth label, RFIDHY has designed a number of labels suitable for the clothing industry according to the characteristics of the clothing industry, which also brings revolutionary convenience to the clothing industry.