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'MUST USE' RFID Products by Animal Husbandry industry after the world recovers from COVID


Animal Husbandries have always been prone to breaking out of animal epidemics. We have witnessed outbreak of Bird Flu, H1NI Swine Flu, Nipah, Ebola and now COVID-19.
Many countries have taken serious actions to control further outbreak of an epidemic and have regulated the livestock management and animal husbandries. Various technologies are being used for identification and monitoring of livestock and proper management of animal husbandries. There are few must use products by Animal Husbandry post COVID.
The most important change that has been made to the livestock controlling and monitoring is the use of RFID technology. The RFID enabled tags use the EID number or the management number on the button that is placed on the animal. The information on the tag is read and stored with the help of radio waves. This technology is less time consuming, more economical and accurate.
Why Animal Husbandry uses RFID tags?
1. Lifetime Application: RFID tags stay attached on the animal for the lifetime and don’t fall out or become unreadable when covered in dirt or mud. Most of these tags are waterproof and shock-resistant. The RFID tags make farm management easy and less time-consuming.
2. Easy implementation: Each tag has a unique identification number printed on it that can be easily scanned through an EID reader. No paperwork required. All process is computerized improving the accuracy of the data. Unlike visual tags, RFID tags can be scanned even from a distance and does not require the animal to stand still, or a visual contact between reader and the tag. RFID tags are more secure and minimize the chances of any error.
3. Cost effective: RFID tags are cost effective and more efficient. Their long-lasting feature makes them cheaper than other tags that need to be replaced due to wear and tear and falling off the animal. The technology requires less human intervention. Hence, reduces the cost of manpower too.
4. Easy monitoring: Farmers and Livestock owners can monitor the health of their cattle from birth till slaughter. Keep a check on any animal disease, track animal movement without disturbing them and record their transportation from one single device.
5. Government Regulation: Many countries have made it mandatory to use the RFID tags in order to quickly trace an outbreak of livestock diseases. The traditional, non-electronic tracking system can take several months to trace such outbreaks.
Here are the MUST USE RFID products by Animal Husbandry
1. RFID Ear Tag: RFID ear tag is a plastic or metal object that carries an identification number on it and is placed in the ears of an animal. It carries a fifteen-digit unique Animal Identification Number (AIN) along with few other details like Property Identification Number. The AIN consists of a 3-digit company code and rest 12-digit individual animal number. It can be applied by hand or by an ear tag applicator. An ID reader is used to scan and collect the data from these tags, which is then downloaded and stored in a computer. This process reduces chances of error and keep a record of all the data related to an animal at one else.

RFIDHY Ear Tag come in different frequencies from 134.2KHz, 125KHz to as low as 860 MHz and 960MHz. The waterproof and shock-resistant RFID tag is designed in a way to implement the technology efficiently and hassle-free. With a 100% performance guarantee, RFIDHY’s ear tag last for the lifetime of the animal. The electrical parts of the RFIDHY Ear Tag is covered by TPU material which is convenient and strong in the harsh environment too. RFIDY gives you the advantage of choosing the ID numbers as per your requirement. You can also choose your color and the content that you want to print on the tags. These ISO-11784/11785 certified tags come with a three-year guarantee.
2. RFID Glass Tag: Glass Tag is essentially a tiny transponder that stores information and emits radio frequency. It comes in the form of a miniature capsule not bigger than grain of rice. The capsule contains a microchip containing a unique code. Unlike ear tags that are placed on the animal body, glass tags are injected in the animal body like vaccines. The information on the tag is scanned with a RFID tag reader by scanning the surface of the animal skin. The reader captures all the details mentioned on the tag with accuracy.

RFIDHY Glass Tube Tag  is a glass RFID chip embedded transponder manufactured by fully automatic production technology thereby ensuring the consistency and reliability of its quality. It offers a variety of chip options in both low and high frequency. It has high Q Value and sensitivity that protects it from harsh environment. Being heat resistant and stable, it can be imbedded in a broad spectrum of potential enclosure material. It has unlimited resistance to water and chemical absorption. The tag has memory storage options from 64 bit read-only to 2048 bit read-write.
The RFID tags are recommended for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and other pet animals. These tags are widely used in slaughter houses, poultry houses and hatcheries to identify and monitor the livestock. Track any disease and keep a check on their health. They are used in keeping records of the livestock movement, their feeding and vaccination schedules too. These features of RFID tags make them a must use product for the Animal Husbandry industry after the world recovers from COVID.