The potential and benefits of RFID technology are enormous here, because they create transparency throughout the entire process chain from production to sale. By using RFID, manufacturers and retailers have an overview of the entire distribution of products and movement processes in production, logistics and sales at all times. All data will be recorded and documented in an entirely automated manner. Thus, fashion companies have achieved precision physical inventory counts of 99 percent thanks to RFID.   

Digital Price Tags

Digital price tags applied with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. They can accurately display the product and price information which is transmitted via the Gateway. Users can simply control and manage the price tag through Cloud Platform to modify the pricing and product information in real-time. All the tags support the NFC and 3-color LED lights.
We offers the complete Smart Retail Solution. If you are interested in this project, we provide the Demo kit for you to purchase and test. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

RFID Garment Tag

Our RFID garment Tag (RFID clothing Tag) carry your company identity, SKU and any other multi-variable information you need to communicate to your customers and supply chain.

We combine innovative RFID technologies with decades of comprehensive expertise in clothing tags and labels to provide best-in-class, tailored business solutions to our customers. Every RFID clothing tag and label contains electronically stored information including product type, size, color and various other identification and tracking features.
All of our RFID clothing tags offering faster and more efficient product authentication, reducing the risk of lost or counterfeit products, and resulting in complete visibility across the global supply chain in real time.

RFID Garment Labels

Using RFID garment labels from the start, the entire textile value chain increases its speed, information and decision-making ability; receiving the items ready to be sold.
The entire supply chain, from manufacturing to the point of sale, streamlines processes, simplifies jobs that don't add value, and places items when and where the consumer needs them. Drastic reduction of inventory time with the highest precision and reliability. You’ll know what you have when you need it, allowing you to improve you customer service.

RFID garment labels is also used for electronic item surveillance (EAS), as well as for inventory and logistics processes. A complete solution that is deactivated at the cash register once the sale is completed.

RFID Retail Label

RFID is a key enabling technology as it can provide item-level visibility for almost any merchandise item. Visibility is the key foundation for new processes and applications being introduced in  retail to optimize overall performance and enhance the shopper experience, such as factory to shelf asset tracking and inventory management, store optimization, self-checkout, loss prevention, returns management, smart mirrors and dressing rooms, location-based services, mobile shopping and promotions, and others.

According to the Centre for Retail Research global financial losses due to retail shrinkage sum up to an average of 1.5 percent of sales representing a total value of more than 100 billion US$ annually. The three key causes ordered by magnitude are shoplifting, followed by employee theft and internal errors including mispricing, invoicing errors and administrative failure.  RFID-based item-level tracking from factory to the store cashier can help to identify, monitor, and reduced shrinkage significantly.