In the warehousing industry, anything that facilitates the organization and management of your inventory is a huge advantage. Things have come a long way since the pen and paper days, but maintaining an accurate and up-to-date picture of your entire operation can still be a challenge. (Remember, we have millions of square feet of storage to keep tabs on.) Luckily, RFID technology has entered the scene. With its power to decrease human error and streamline warehouse operations, RFID has become one of the most important implements the supply chain manager’s toolbox.
RFID technology provides reliability in the movement of goods, ensuring not only fast delivery times, but the ability to ensure that shipments are correct and follow the desired order. Using RFID technology, you won't have to worry about manually managing stock and inventory. You will acquire all the necessary data in real time, with accuracy and reliability, helping you to make decisions in a faster and more efficient way. The use of RFID technology has already proven to optimize business processes, especially those requiring and depending on accurate, real time data.

RFID Coin Tag

Coins with an integrated RFID chip come in various thicknesses and may be adhesive on one side or have a hole in the middle for easier attachment to the object.
Coin tags can be used in various applications, such as tokens in warehouse shelving, smart shelving units such, vending machines or for identifying objects. They can be further personalized by full color printing with a logo, a number or any other graphics of your choice. 

Mount-on-Metal RFID tag

Mounting or embedding RFID tags on metal can be tricky. Metal surfaces reflect energy emitted from RFID readers and create interference for RFID tag antennas, which means the tag isn't able to receive power and transmit information; however, specific RFID tags will work around metal surfaces. 
Mount-on-metal RFID UHF tags overcome this limitation with antenna designs that permit the tagging and tracking of a variety of metallic assets. These UHF tags can be attached to both metal surfaces and objects, with either screws or adhesives for optimal positioning. As long as you choose the correct RFID equipment for your environment and application, you won't need to worry about interference from metal. 

UHF Flexible Label

RFIDHY’s UHF Flexible Label is a UHF passive tag with excellent performance while tracking metal assets, especially in harsh environments. The ultrathin, flexible and soft features especially suitable for curved metal assets.
By combining the on-metal performance of hard tags and the ease with which one can personalize the labels, the RFIDHY product makes the usage of RFID much easier and more efficient than ever. The unique design, in combination with the UHF Flexible label, has proved to be the best in its class when it comes to printability. Printing and encoding capabilities have been qualified with several printer manufacturers.

UHF RFID Inlay & Sticker

With a wide variety of high performance IC platforms, RFIDHY’s UHF inlays & sticker offer leading performance and memory options. Each inlay or sticker has a unique TID and a broadband RFID antenna design that enables end-users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance in all UHF frequency regions globally with the same inlays. 
RFIDHY offers many types of passive UHF labels. Our RFID smart labels are comprised of two parts: a face label for printing barcode and human readable information, and an RFID chip which will be encoded by the RFID printer. The RFID Labels we provide are blank for customer printing and encoding when using their own RFID printers.