RFIDHY is one of the leaders in the field of Data Capture and Data Transfer in the livestock industry. RFID/Electronic identification increases both traceability and profitability through improved and more efficient livestock management. And to address the increased consumer and regulatory demand for traceability, RFIDHY has been pioneering Electronic Identification around the world.
We take real pride in our product, both in its manufacture and in the service we provide to livestock farmers the world over. The RFIDHY animal identification tag is not just a tag, but the first step towards better traceability and easier livestock identification and management.

Cattle RFID Ear Tags

Our cattle ID tags are made of high-quality materials and are uniquely designed for maximum animal safety and comfort, long-lasting durability and retention, and easy application and readability.
Visual and electronic tags are identical, with an RFID chip fitting securely into a chamber of the electronic tag. The inner surfaces of the tag are smooth and rounded to avoid pinch points and reduce the risk of infection, and both RFID and visual tags are laser-etched for easy reading throughout the life of the animal. 

Sheep RFID Ear Tags

Our Sheep ID tags are both offered in RFID FDX (Full duplex) and as a non-RFID.
RFIDHY sheep and goat ear tags are made from polyurethane, making them completely waterproof, durable and snag proof. Improved retention collar design and self-piercing male tag for easy application and reduced risk of infection. 

RFID Glass Tag

RFIDHY’s Glass Tag help manage and safeguard animals. Standard Glass Tag units are enclosed in biocompatible  glass making them harmless to animals. To identify dogs and cats, suitable for implantation of fish and crustaceans. The Glass Tube Tag is a flexible  solution for secure animal identification that withstands most chemicals and harsh environment circumstances (Immersion IP68). The transponders are available  in several sizes and frequencies.
ISO 11784 / 11785 RFID Glass transponders are designed for animal identification. RFID glass tag is a tough writable transponder designed for industrial environment. Types with EM4305 und Hitag S are programmed with customer specific data or country coding.

RFID Retail Label

RFID is a key enabling technology as it can provide item-level visibility for almost any merchandise item. Visibility is the key foundation for new processes and applications being introduced in  retail to optimize overall performance and enhance the shopper experience, such as factory to shelf asset tracking and inventory management, store optimization, self-checkout, loss prevention, returns management, smart mirrors and dressing rooms, location-based services, mobile shopping and promotions, and others.

According to the Centre for Retail Research global financial losses due to retail shrinkage sum up to an average of 1.5 percent of sales representing a total value of more than 100 billion US$ annually. The three key causes ordered by magnitude are shoplifting, followed by employee theft and internal errors including mispricing, invoicing errors and administrative failure.  RFID-based item-level tracking from factory to the store cashier can help to identify, monitor, and reduced shrinkage significantly.