RFID Tag for System Solution

The right data in the right place at the right time
Our industrial RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag offer data tracking and error proofing solutions for asset tracking, machine tool, flexible assembly, factory automation, warehousing, logistics, and distribution tracking. With over 20 years of experience providing industrial RFID solutions, we will help you design unique customized tags according to your applications and help you reduce the cost. In addition, the RFID tag series of RFID offers maximum application flexibility using a variety of components including data carriers, metal and plastic processor housings, and read/write heads to data carrier combinations.

Industrial RFID for Product Traceability

Industrial Identification with a full line of High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID systems designed specifically for manufacturing. Our experience has enabled us to provide field-proven RFID Tag for traceability in advanced manufacturing facilities. 

Traceability Goal
Manufacturers utilize traceability to make improvements in the following areas:
  • Comply with regulatory and quality standards
  • Proactively manage product recalls with near-real-time corrective action
  • Improve customer safety, customer satisfaction, and profit margin
  • Manage product quality and reduce the cost of nonconformance

Reach Your Goals with Traceability
Traceability is the act of documenting every step in a process chain. It will record the history, location, or use of an item by means of automated identification. Manufacturers are facing ever-increasing competitive pressure and legal requirements. The desire for visibility in the process, customer satisfaction, profits, and compliance are pushing many manufacturers to look at traceability as a long-term strategy. Manufacturers have discovered that implementing a traceability program is a proven method to meet their strategic goals.

RFID in The Fashion Retail

The potential and benefits of RFID technology are enormous here, because they create transparency throughout the entire process chain from production to sale. By using RFID, manufacturers and retailers have an overview of the entire distribution of products and movement processes in production, logistics and sales at all times. All data will be recorded and documented in an entirely automated manner. Thus, fashion companies have achieved precision physical inventory counts of 99 percent thanks to RFID. 
Advantages at a Glance
  • Transparent processes
  • Increased sales
  • Long-term reductions of expenses
  • Reduction of warehousing expenses by optimizing the frequency of turnaround
  • Optimized provision of product
  • Quick examination of product availability
  • Increased inventory precision with temporal savings
  • Increased security
  • Improved customer service


Identification is the basis for gathering and managing livestock information. Today it is also a cornerstone of official identification and in animal and food trace-ability. Identification the key to meeting the growing consumer demand, to know the origin of food products. Animal identification is also essential for allowing farmers to differentiate themselves based on good management, animal welfare, health, and nutrition.

Our RFID Livestock tag services to farm service companies, food producers, veterinarian groups, genetics companies, food producers, and regulatory bodies. With this service, we help our customer to make better decisions and work more efficiently.

A great number of progressive producers have set up scales in their chutes. Many of these scales include programs to input data so having chute-side readers tied in to the RFID tags makes total sense. When cattle are first age-verified, many programs allow for additional identification information. Handlers can enter both the description (colour) and the dangle tag. The reader can then pick up the RFID tag and the computer program can often automatically enter information such as weight, health information and vaccines that have been given. Producers can enter this information at the start of the day if they’re giving the same thing to every animal. Then each time the reader scans an animal that data is entered into the database.


In the warehousing industry, anything that facilitates the organization and management of your inventory is a huge advantage. Things have come a long way since the pen and paper days, but maintaining an accurate and up-to-date picture of your entire operation can still be a challenge. (Remember, we have millions of square feet of storage to keep tabs on.) Luckily, RFID technology has entered the scene. With its power to decrease human error and streamline warehouse operations, RFID has become one of the most important implements the supply chain manager’s toolbox.

The benefits:
  • Accuracy: Because RFID tags transmit data “on their own,” human error is largely eliminated from the inventory process.
  • Immediacy: Warehouse management software is updated in real time, which means we know where an item is from the time it arrives on the dock, leaves the warehouse and every moment in between.
  • Efficiency: RFID technology boosts efficiency in two ways: by automating processes that used to involve human intervention and streamlining those that still do. For instance, RFID-tagged items can communicate with warehouse software and automatically document their own arrival and exit from the warehouse. And for services that require human touch, such as pick-and-pack, employees save countless hours using RFID readers to immediately determine the exact location of any item.