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With over 20 years of experience providing industrial RFID solutions, we will help you design unique customized tags according to your applications and help you reduce the cost. In addition, the RFID tag series of RFID offers maximum application flexibility using a variety of components including data carriers, metal and plastic processor housings.
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Welcome to RFIDHY

When the RFID Tag industry kicked off in mainland China 20 years ago, RFIDHY were at the forefront. In 1995, we began by producing plastic magnetic cards. We are the first supplier of RFID tagas the ticket for AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) system for Shanghai Metro No1 line. Our products line covered RFID tag, RFID label, ear tag and RFID products with growing of technology and applications in this area. Our success in oversea market was apparent from the first client in Spain in Europe in 2005.


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